I would like to welcome you all to my blog, Critic on wheels. The contents of this blog are purely the opinion of myself and those I eat out with and how I find the food and facilities of the restaurants I visit at the time I visit them. The opinions are merely there as a guide to those who wish totake my views onboard. I do understand that everyone has their own standards and tastes, afterall it wouldn't do for us all to be the same. These are my views of the places I visit from the perspective of someone who is mobility challenged and from the kind of food I like to enjoy, I hope you find it helpful.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Card for my Dad

Mum said I had to make my own card for Dad this year, something about it being a distraction from my revision. Thank God I only have 2 exams left though I really can't be bothered with them at all. Mum said I'd got to get my card done today and do some maths revision for the exam on monday, boring additional maths. I agreed to do my card only as it stops her nagging me about maths revision, and I've had her running up and down to her craft room getting me stuff and changing my mind so as I don't have to do more maths. Now I'm putting this post here and have pinched her note book so I can enter some challenges, I can see I might have to ask for some more help, but hey it's better than maths revision.

I said I wanted to enter into some challenges for father's day. I don't do arty craft normally as it's just too slow and messy computer games are more me but I'm quite pleased with this and I didn't smudge too much but my hands kept shaking when I was colouring. I don't like colouring much as my cerebral palsy makes it hard to keep in the lines and then I get cross and hate being disabled. Mum really hates my colour scheme and kept trying to suggest other colour but I like bright colours especially ones that wind mum up. I asked her to put the picture on too and she can do the link thinks for the challenges. I'm only doing this cos when mum put my card up for Granddad I got some nice comments and mum said that wasn't fair so she wouldn't do it again, I could do it on my blog so I am. Only joking mum, and thanks if you read this.

The corrosive challenge- layout
Raise the bar-what a special guy
Creative inspirations- for the boys
A crafty little place- one for the boys
Incy wincy- one for the guys
cupcake craft- one for the boys
craftycardmakers- cards for men
Pear tree designs- fathers day
magical crafts fortnightly challenge-fathers day
crafty ho's -think bright
totally gorjuss-card for a male

I can't believe mum found me so many challenges to enter, she can have her book back now. Wonder if I'll win anything?